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Natuurlijk Producten

We trust in healthy and natural products that we produce. Since 1995 we have been providing the best home grown crops and dairy products to our local and international customers.

Fresh Grain Crops

Our fresh grain crops include rice, wheat, corn, maize, pearl millet and oatmeal.

Fruits & Vegetables

Among fruits & veggies, we have mango, berries, grapes and cucumber, pumpkin.

Fresh Meat

Variety of red meats and white meats are our specialty when it comes to fresh meat.

Onze blogs

We frequently launch farming projects to provide the best natural products to our
customers and experiment with different farming methods

Western Red Cherry
Orchard Project In Field

New Farming Equipment
Trial In Field

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Grain Crops

We deliver top-tier grain crops like rice, wheat, corn etc to our local or international customers

Green Veggies

Our fresh vegetables are grown in our own farm using pesticides that are harmless to our body.

Organic Pot-herb

Pot-herbs are the most sold out products. We have a sustainable process to grow them

Dairy Products

Milk, butter, cream, and a variety of other dairy products are among our offerings.